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Public Policy Agenda

Metro Milwaukee is home to more than 37,000  businesses, supporting more than 786,000 jobs and producing a combined gross metropolitan product of nearly $89 billion.

Each business has unique challenges and opportunities that impact its success. Alone, you can drive your business success. But together we can create a winning environment for your business.

MMAC's public policy agenda -- the Blueprint for Economic Prosperity -- focuses on three key measures that will help our region to thrive.  >>View the full Blueprint


Building a region of skilled, adaptive and productive lifelong learners who fuel innovation  


Fostering a climate that promotes the growth of individual businesses and the collective business community    


Leveraging the natural, cultural and physical assets that make metro Milwaukee unique  


 Benchmarking our Progress

 What gets measured, gets changed. MMAC measures key indicators to determine our overall progress.
To be competitive, we need to know where we stand from a historical perspective and how we stack up against peer regions across America.